Picking the right safe or vault for your business

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As a business owner, enhancing security can help set your mind at ease. Selecting the right safe or vault for your business can provide that added layer of protection for your most valuable assets.

Choosing the appropriate safe or vault for your business is a crucial decision, as they come with varying features tailored to specific needs. In addition to a video surveillance system and a burglary alarm, investing in a safe or vault can help mitigate risk. For businesses safeguarding cash or other high-value items, a burglary-resistant safe constructed with steel or metal alloys for walls and doors is essential. Ratings by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) provide valuable insights into the types of attacks these safes can withstand.

What do different safe designations mean?

When selecting a safe or vault for your business, you’ll encounter various designations. These designations can indicate resistance to a variety of things:

  • TL (Tool Resistant): Resistance to tools
  • TR (Torch Resistant): Resistance to torches
  • TX (Explosive Resistant): Resistance to explosives

The first number in the designation’s code signifies the time it would take to force open the door or create a six-square-inch opening through the safe’s front. If the designation includes an X6, it means that the same level of protection applies to all six sides. For example, a TL-30X6 safe can withstand a predefined list of tools for 30 minutes on all six sides.

Are locks important to help prevent theft?

Safes are not the only thing you need to consider carefully, as locks also play an important role in theft prevention. Different lock groups are rated based on their ability to withstand tampering. A Group 2 lock can resist “semiskilled” manipulation for around 20 minutes, while a Group 2M lock can withstand manipulations for up to two hours. A Group 1 lock provides 20 hours of resistance to burglars, and a Group 1R lock provides 20 hours of resistance to torches and explosive materials. In order to be rated each lock must have over one million potential combinations.

Burglary-resistant vaults

Another option to consider is burglary-resistant vaults. These self-contained spaces offer varying levels of protection, determined by the materials used for the walls, doors, and the design of the locking mechanism. These enclosures are classified into four UL classes. Below we outline how long each class can resist an attack:

  • Class M vaults: 15 minutes
  • Class 1 vaults: 30 minutes
  • Class 2 vaults: 60 minutes
  • Class 3 vaults: Two-hours

What are fire-resistive safes?

External threats aren’t limited to burglaries; fires can also pose a significant risk to your business. Fire-resistive safes are designed to protect valuable items from burning, although they are not meant to deter theft. These safes are typically selected based on the type of items they will protect from flames. A Class 350 safe maintains internal temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for paper protection. If you need to safeguard storage media like CDs, a Class 125 version that keeps temperatures below 125 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. The duration of fire resistance also plays a role in your choice. For example, a Class 350 1-Hour safe can maintain internal temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour when exposed to external temperatures exceeding 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The preferred rating will depend on how quickly local fire departments can respond.

How to help ensure your business is protected

Selecting the right safe or vault for your business is just one facet of a comprehensive plan to help protect your business. It’s also important to safeguard your company with the right business insurance. In the event of a loss the right coverage may be able to help keep your business running. Learn more by visiting our business insurance page.

This blog is provided for information only and is not a substitute for professional advice. We make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information and will not be responsible for any loss arising out of reliance on the information.

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