Why you need an alarm system for your business

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Alarm systems for business

Having a well-designed burglar alarm system for your business can be the difference between a secured business and a vulnerable one. Did you know that 60 per cent of burglary and theft attempts take place after business hours when employees are not on site? This is why having an alarm system is important, as it can discourage thieves and quickly warn security teams about attempted break-ins.

However, having an alarm system entails much more than installing an alarm and calling it a day. An alarm system is the combination of multiple different alarm devices, tactics, and tools to create a more layered approach to alarm safety.

Here are some tips on how to have the best alarm system for your unique business:

The different types of alarms to consider

Every system includes some form of sensor, control unit, and reporting device. Once a sensor detects an intruder, it feeds data to a control unit. The control unit then communicates with a reporting device such as a siren or bell, or reaches out to a receiving unit in a remote location. Here are three different types of alarm sensors that you should consider when choosing one for your business:

  1. Area protection devices use photoelectric, sound, or motion detectors to spot an intruder’s movements, which then triggers an alarm to alert security of the potential threat.
  2. Perimeter detection devices watch over a perimeter defined by a fence or a building’s walls. These include devices such as fence sensors, buried sensors, and above-ground sensors.
  3. Ultrasonic motion detectors use ultra-sound (sound of very high frequency) to detect motion. The sound that emanates from the detector is one that is too high for the human ear to hear.
  4. Passive infrared detectors monitor for infrared energy and heat that radiates off an intruder’s body.
  5. Capacitance detection systems are useful for those looking to secure a safe or metal vault as they sound an alarm if someone touches the metal’s surface.
  6. Object protection devices can be used to protect particularly valuable items as they monitor the surrounding space using pressure mats, contact switches, or detectors that track vibrations, sound, smoke, or heat.

Why it’s important to have more than one technology in your “system”

Having more than one type of alarm for your business not only provides additional security and peace of mind, but alarm systems that rely on at least two different technologies are the least likely to trigger false alarms. Having more than one alarm system will also allow you to monitor different aspects and areas of your business.

What types of disturbance can be tracked by alarm systems?

Thankfully, virtually any kind of disturbance can be tracked by an alarm system, depending on the technologies you’re utilizing.

Overall, the level of protection will also vary depending on just how much of your property is being watched. Underwriters Laboratories of Canada rates the systems in four categories.

Level One: A level One system monitors all accessible openings.

Level Two: A level two system monitors all accessible openings and also watches inaccessible but moveable openings.

Level Three: A level three system watches all of the aforementioned, but also introduces another layer of protection by watching shared walls, floors, and ceilings.

Level Four: A level four system watches every single opening, wall, floor, and/or ceiling.

Regardless of the category, the most effective systems communicate with remote monitoring stations, transferring their data using options such as phone lines, radio signals, the Internet, direct wires and transmitters, cell signals, or data networks. Line supervision features will ensure that such signals are transmitted even if a burglar cuts a telephone line or tries to interfere with a radio signal, while lines can be further protected using standard or encrypted security methods.

Protect your small business with tailored insurance coverage

Alarm systems are just one of the ways you can protect your business. Another way to make sure your business is safe and secure is by investing in a good insurance policy. To learn more about how a tailored policy can help protect you and your bottom line, visit our Business Insurance page today.

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