Do dog walkers need to be insured?

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Running your own dog walking business has many benefits, especially for dog lovers! It can afford you immense flexibility, enabling you to work according to your availability and allowing you to own your schedule. The start-up costs for a dog walking business are generally reasonable, and you may be able to build it up to a larger pet-care business if you choose to.

If you’re considering starting a dog walking business, or your current business is growing, you could be wondering what sort of insurance you should have. There are several different types of coverage available to dog walkers and pet care providers.

Am I legally required to insure my pet walking business?

There is no legal requirement for professional dog walkers to have insurance coverage. Still, protecting your dog walking business against liability claims is highly recommended. Municipal governments may also require dog walkers’ insurance as part of their permitting process. For example, in the City of Toronto, commercial dog walkers must apply for a permit and must provide proof of general liability insurance as part of their application. Check for the requirements in your municipality, county, or township.

Why get insurance for your dog walking or pet sitting business?

Insurance for dog walkers and pet sitters can protect your business. Dog walking and other pet-care businesses face a range of risks, which can result in significant losses if you don’t have insurance. These risks include:

Injuries to pets in your care:

Even if you keep a careful watch over the animals in your care, there are always accidental injuries to worry about. Something as simple as a broken nail can lead to a big veterinary bill, which your clients may insist you cover. More serious injuries can result in thousands of dollars in potential losses.

Injuries to another person or animal:

If a dog in your care injures someone or another animal by, for instance, jumping on or biting them, you may face liability costs and veterinary bills.

Property damage:

A dog or another animal in your care can damage the property of a third party by digging holes in their yard, chewing on fence boards, or scratching cars.

Having dog walkers insurance or pet insurance for dog walkers can not only protect you from risk but also enhance your business’s image. Prospective clients will be reassured that you have the proper insurance for your business, and that your business is stable and well-managed.

What type(s) of insurance do I need for my dog walking business?

There are several types of insurance for pet care providers:

Commercial general liability insurance

This type of insurance helps protect you and your business against claims made against you by third parties, where they’ve suffered a bodily injury or property damage as a result of your business operations. For example, if a dog in your care jumps on someone and injures them, commercial general liability insurance could cover your legal fees and the settlement amount if the person decides to sue.

Commercial auto insurance

If you use a vehicle as part of your dog walking service, you should have commercial auto insurance. Most personal auto insurance policies will not cover vehicles when they’re used for business purposes. If you get into an accident using your vehicle for business purposes and only have personal auto insurance, your claim may be denied.

Commercial property insurance

If your business has a physical location, such as a doggie daycare operation, or an office, you should consider commercial property insurance. This type of insurance protects the buildings you use while running your business, including things inside the location, such as equipment, tools, supplies, and computer equipment. It also helps protect anything located outside on your business property, such as trees, shrubs, and fencing. Commercial property insurance can help you get your business back up and running and cover repairs and replacements. If your policy includes business interruption coverage, it can also tide you over financially if your business needs to be closed for a while.

How much does dog walkers insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for dog walkers varies depending on several factors, including the coverage you want, the number of dogs in your care, and the breeds of the dogs you are looking after. If you’re looking around for insurance, our quote tool will give you an idea of how much it will cost to protect your business from insured losses.

How to get pet sitter or dog walkers insurance

Dog walkers insurance is an essential part of protecting the business you work so hard on. With the proper insurance, you can start, run, and grow your business without worrying about the inherent risks.

As an insurance provider specializing in insurance for small businesses, you can be confident that TruShield Insurance understands the needs of your business and will ensure your coverage is catered to your unique needs.

Don’t leave your dog walking or pet sitting business exposed.

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